Why is Apple working so hard on privacy? And do VPN’s play a big role in this change of concept?

Why is Apple working so hard on privacy? And do VPN’s play a big role in this change of concept?

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes there is an urgent need for a government that protects citizens’online privacy. Cook told ABC News in a recent interview that he is concerned about companies collecting and reselling personal data. But what also worries him is how much time the average person spends looking at a screen when using ExpressVPN.

Less privacy online than in real life

Cook explains how the rise of computers, cell phones and other devices is putting our privacy at risk. It used to be that the worst thing anyone could do – besides commit crimes – was to peep at people through their windows. But this is not so bad now. “The people who follow you on the Internet know a lot more about you than the people who peep through your window. Much more,” says Cook.

Digital well-being by using VPN

Cook is concerned not only about online privacy, but also about our digital well-being. He was surprised to find out that he grabs his cell phone about’s 200 times a day. “I don’t want you to use our product a lot. What we want to make are products that enrich your life. If you use it too often, there’s probably something we need to do to make your use more productive,” explains Cook.

Apple and privacy, convenient with a VPN?

Tim Cook advocates for online privacy like Express VPN Polska @ Globalwatchonline, but he does not deny that Apple is not perfect at protecting it. Some apps in the iTunes store collect your data, as does the Google Browser, which all Apple products come standard with. Google makes money by reselling the collected data. “We chose Google because it is the best browser,” justifies Cook. Even though Apple has its flaws, at least the company doesn’t resell your data to third parties. “We make money if we can convince you to buy an iPhone. You are not our product. Our products are iPhones and iPads,” explains Cook. He recently told Times Magazine that he and others would “ask the U.S. Congress to pass a comprehensive federal privacy law – a set of revisions, a landmark, that protects and strengthens consumers.

What you can do to protect your data

Apple is well on its way to ensuring our online privacy, but there is still much to do. Meanwhile, you can take steps to protect your data yourself. One way is to use a VPN. A VPN provides you with an anonymous, secure connection to the Internet, so that any data that companies have collected while you were online cannot be traced back to you. A nice side effect of a VPN is that it allows you to bypass geo-blocks. For example, you can watch television series on Netflix that are not available in the Netherlands. There are a whole bunch of VPNs – some more expensive than others, some easier to set up, some with more servers. To find out which provider is best for you, check out our top 10 VPN providers or our article on finding the basta Netflix VPN Sverige for you.